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I have been busy for a while

2022-06-15 2 min read blog Chris Allen

I have been very busy with work and life and haven’t had much time for youtube or work on both of my websites. I have released a few videos on my youtube channel. I have been doing computer work as a contractor for the past few months. But I will have some free time for the next two weeks to get things done. I am planning on creating a how-to-use syncthing video soon. I also have been working on converting both websites from WordPress to a Hugo static site.

I also bought a few things from eBay. I got a new 1u server case into which I will be moving my Proxmox server. This means I had to get new heat sync for my CPUs on Proxmox. I also got a used hp ProCurve 24 port 1GB networking switch off from eBay. This way I can have many ports to add more devices to my network. I also put dd-wrt firmware on my tp-link archer C9 version 1. I would love to upgrade the router but that will be at least a few weeks to a couple of months before I get the money to do that. I also plan on adding a few 4GB hard drives to the Proxmox server and creating a ZFS pool with them.