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January 2024 update

2024-01-20 2 min read blog Chris Allen

Life & Working

I am currently motivated to embark on a weight loss journey due to some health concerns I am facing. My wife and I are exploring the possibility of moving soon, with the hope of finding the perfect home. I am currently engaged in a 40-hour IT support position in my local area. While the job can be stressful at times, I find satisfaction in the work, and I am fortunate to have a positive relationship with most of my colleagues. However, I do aspire to receive a more competitive salary for my efforts., and my youtube channel.

I have been so busy and tired out with working and family time, I havn’t have the time to work on the website or youtube channel for this I am sorry. Hopefully i can add at least a few document to and more blog post to this site. Maybe a few months from now I will have the time and energy to create more youtube videos.

My personal setup at home

At the moment, I’m navigating my digital landscape with Pop!_OS as my primary operating system. Within the Proxmox environment, I’ve carefully curated a diverse toolbox, ensuring smooth and seamless operations. Proxmox serves as the home for critical systems such as Home Assistant, my paperless solution, and the hosting grounds for both this website and

Jenkins, working hand in hand with Hugo, remains the backbone of my web development, orchestrating the creation of engaging and dynamic websites. An LXC Container dedicated to Omada efficiently manages my network, contributing to the overall synergy of my infrastructure.

To safeguard data integrity, I’ve implemented a robust Proxmox backup server. This not only backs up virtual machines but also securely archives them through an online service. The result is a computing environment that’s not just reliable but truly resilient.