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Feb 8 2023 update

2023-02-08 1 min read blog Chris Allen
youtube video I got how to use syncthing video shot and been editing it. I have a few issues with it and trying to make it look better hope to have it out in a couple of weeks. I also have another video coming out about problems i had switch from tower case to 1u server case. websites I havn’t been good about updating this or website. I have been busy setting up my own system that will grab the code from github and and create the site with hugo and then upload the new website. Continue reading

Jan 11, 2023, update

2023-01-11 1 min read blog Chris Allen
Wow, the past few weeks have been insane with Christmas and my grandma’s hospital visits. But the good news is she’s all better now and back at home relaxing. I’ve been keeping myself busy too though, working on my home network and getting my website,, set up on it. I’ve even got a new subdomain,, where I can easily update affiliate links and other stuff. And on top of all that, I’m almost done with a script for a couple of videos I’m planning on releasing this month. Continue reading

tripped and a car crash

2022-12-15 1 min read blog Chris Allen
I just started to get back on my feet after I got sick before Thanksgiving. Then last Friday I was doing some door dashing and tripped and hurt my lip and skinned my hands and knee. On Monday my wife and I were going to a casino near here and there was an accident going northbound on the turnpike that had flying debris that hit my car. It shatter the window and did some front bumper damage to my car. Continue reading

Thanksgiving week of 2022

2022-12-01 1 min read blog Chris Allen
Thanksgiving week kind of sucks for me. We had my birthday party at my mother-in-law’s house on Sunday. I wasn’t feeling too well then, but Monday it hit me and I stay in bed almost all day Monday through Thursday. Also, Weds was my birthday so It was a bad birthday. In other news, I still haven’t found a computer job yet and still looking. I am also working on a few youtube videos but because I have been sick, I haven’t felt like doing that much. Continue reading

October 25 2022 update

2022-10-25 1 min read blog Chris Allen
I am currently looking for a good-paying job. I have had a few interviews in the last few days. Most of the jobs they want to offer me were not for me or had low pay. While I wait on finding a good job, I am doing some gig work like door dash, uber eats and GrubHub mostly in west Wichita. I have also been working on this website and https://computerhacking101. Continue reading

New layout and design

2022-10-25 1 min read blog Chris Allen
I am adding a few features and using a different theme for this website. Currently, I have added a search engine where you click just click the magnifying glass in the top right corner to search for things on this website. I am planning on adding a few more features soon. It currently only has a white background but I am planning on adding dark mode back soon. There might be a few pages still missing. Continue reading

aug 4 2022 update

2022-08-04 1 min read blog Chris Allen
The past couple of weeks has been crazy. My contract work got canceled because they didn’t realize how much it would cost to have it installed. They have done this before also with other projects. They start it and never finish it. I am having issues getting my 1u Proxmox server up and running. I didn’t realize you had to have a raid interface when I bought it. Some of the power cords are not long enough. Continue reading
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