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Thanksgiving week of 2022

2022-12-01 1 min read Blog Chris Allen
Thanksgiving week kind of sucks for me. We had my birthday party at my mother-in-law’s house on Sunday. I wasn’t feeling too well then, but Monday it hit me and I stay in bed almost all day Monday through Thursday. Also, Weds was my birthday so It was a bad birthday. In other news, I still haven’t found a computer job yet and still looking. I am also working on a few youtube videos but because I have been sick, I haven’t felt like doing that much. Continue reading

October 25 2022 update

2022-10-25 1 min read Blog Chris Allen
I am currently looking for a good-paying job. I have had a few interviews in the last few days. Most of the jobs they want to offer me were not for me or had low pay. While I wait on finding a good job, I am doing some gig work like door dash, uber eats and GrubHub mostly in west Wichita. I have also been working on this website and https://computerhacking101. Continue reading

New layout and design

2022-10-25 1 min read Blog Chris Allen
I am adding a few features and using a different theme for this website. Currently, I have added a search engine where you click just click the magnifying glass in the top right corner to search for things on this website. I am planning on adding a few more features soon. It currently only has a white background but I am planning on adding dark mode back soon. There might be a few pages still missing. Continue reading

a new tripod for my videos

2022-09-11 1 min read Youtube Chris Allen
I am going to be buying a new tripod from amazon. I should be getting it in a couple of days. [KINGJOY 75" Camera Tripod has an adaptor to use a camera or a phone on the tripod. It is only around $33.00 to buy it. I will tell you more about it on this page when I play around with it. I will be using it to hold my phone right now and later on I can buy a camera to do my videos on. Continue reading

I just bought a new mic

2022-08-28 1 min read Youtube Chris Allen
Somehow my old mic stopped working. So I went to amazon and bought a new mic. Here it is with a picture of how I set it up. IF you would like the one you can go to So far so good with the mic. The test I did with it seems to be working better than my old mic. I will be posting a few test videos soon and will be posting them here. Continue reading

aug 4 2022 update

2022-08-04 1 min read Blog Chris Allen
The past couple of weeks has been crazy. My contract work got canceled because they didn’t realize how much it would cost to have it installed. They have done this before also with other projects. They start it and never finish it. I am having issues getting my 1u Proxmox server up and running. I didn’t realize you had to have a raid interface when I bought it. Some of the power cords are not long enough. Continue reading

July 28, 2022 update

2022-07-28 1 min read Blog Chris Allen
I started to move my Proxmox server to my 1u case and ran into a couple of problems. One is easily fixed and for the other one I will have to wait for a while. I am going to have to move the stand-offs for the motherboard. I just have to get a different wrench set. I lost the one I need of course. For the other one, I will have to wait until the heat sync company sends me the correct heat sync. Continue reading
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