I have been busy for a while

I have been very busy with work and life and haven’t had much time for youtube or work on both of my websites. I have released a few videos on my youtube channel. I have been doing computer work as a contractor for the past few months. But I will have some free time for the next two weeks to get things done. I am planning on creating a how-to-use syncthing video soon.

my 3rd video is posted to youtube

I posted my 3rd video about syncthing on youtube. I got two more video about syncthing that I plan on addding to my youtube channel. It is how to use syncthing and all go through alot of the options. It will show you how to just transfer one way which I use for my backup my proxmox server. I will show you many advance options for syncthing. I will also show you how to install the syncthing relay service on another video.

my 2nd video is posted to youtube

Yesterday I posted my 2nd video about syncthing on youtube. It tells you how to install syncthing on Linux. I am planning on a few more videos about syncthing. Some of the videos include installing syncthing on windows, installing it and setting it up on android, and setting it up on windows or Linux. I might even make a more advanced syncthing tutorial telling how to set up more advanced syncthing options.

Almost complete on my first youtube video

I am getting very close to completing the first main youtube video called “dropbox vs synching”. I have most of the editing done with it I have to create a part of the power presentation that will go over when I am speaking. I am also working on creating the script for my next video that shows you how to install syncthing on Linux. I got the page on the website almost done for that video but still have a lot of work to get the one about dropbox vs syncthing.

Install PFSence on Proxmox -update

I am going to wait to install pfsense on my proxmox server. I am going to work on getting https://computerhacking101.com and work on some youtube videos I am created. I might wait and install it on another system. I have a couple of computers that I might use one of them to install pfsense on. I haven’t decided if I want to install pfsense on bare metal or install proxmox then pfsense.