Install PFSence on Proxmox

I just bought a 4 port ethernet card on eBay to add to my proxmox server. I am going to use the 4 port ethernet card on my pfsense server to control my entire network. It will allow me to set up VLANs to separate my different devices. I am planning on using some just for my IoT devices. One network will just be for my servers I have run on the proxmox server.

My First Post

Welcome to My new website. This website is where It will just post things about things I’m thinking about currently. It will have things about home assistant, android, Linux, proxmox, catholic things, or anything else I want to post. I am currently working on this website and another website called Computer hacking 101computer hacking 101 which includes a youtube channel. It will have information on how to make your computer and your home network work the way you want it to.