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July 28, 2022 update

2022-07-28 1 min read blog Chris Allen
I started to move my Proxmox server to my 1u case and ran into a couple of problems. One is easily fixed and for the other one I will have to wait for a while. I am going to have to move the stand-offs for the motherboard. I just have to get a different wrench set. I lost the one I need of course. For the other one, I will have to wait until the heat sync company sends me the correct heat sync. Continue reading

just bought 4 sd 500gb drives for my Proxmox server

2022-07-12 1 min read Proxmox Chris Allen
This is just a quick update. I bought 4 solid-state drives from Amazon each of them has 500GB. They will be going into my Proxmox server. I am going to use ZFS file system where 2 will be stripped and mirrored on them. So I have a little under 1 GB of total space for Proxmox. I can always add more drives to the new Proxmox server I am building. I might make a quick video on me moving my Proxmox server from my old case to the new 1u case. Continue reading