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been a crazy month

2024-03-12 1 min read blog Chris Allen
It has been a crazy few months. I have been looking for a new house. Getting my current house ready to sell. Had a few health issue and working my butt off at work. I started to take a 1/2 hour of aderaton each way at my church.

aug 4 2022 update

2022-08-04 1 min read blog Chris Allen
The past couple of weeks has been crazy. My contract work got canceled because they didn’t realize how much it would cost to have it installed. They have done this before also with other projects. They start it and never finish it. I am having issues getting my 1u Proxmox server up and running. I didn’t realize you had to have a raid interface when I bought it. Some of the power cords are not long enough. Continue reading

I have been busy for a while

2022-06-15 2 min read blog Chris Allen
I have been very busy with work and life and haven’t had much time for youtube or work on both of my websites. I have released a few videos on my youtube channel. I have been doing computer work as a contractor for the past few months. But I will have some free time for the next two weeks to get things done. I am planning on creating a how-to-use syncthing video soon. Continue reading

My First Post

2021-12-17 1 min read blog Chris Allen
Welcome to My new website. This website is where It will just post things about things I’m thinking about currently. It will have things about home assistant, android, Linux, Proxmox, catholic things, or anything else I want to post. I am currently working on this website and another website called Computer hacking 101computer hacking 101 which includes a youtube channel. It will have information on how to make your computer and your home network work the way you want them to. Continue reading